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If you are planning to build or renovate your kitchen, choosing a quality kitchen cabinet exporter is a must. These professionals are highly skilled in the art of making quality kitchen cabinets. Listed below are some of the companies offering their services to European clients. Besides the above companies, the following brands are also available in the European market. These include GoldenHome, Zbom, and Boloni Home Decor. Read on to find out which company can best meet your needs.


As the first modern industrial kitchen manufacturer in China, Oulin is a well-known brand in the domestic market. The company manufactures kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathrooms products, interior doors, and other home furnishings. With over 2.3 million square meters of facility space and more than 7,000 global showrooms, Oppein is a one-stop-shop for home customization. The company partners with leading suppliers from across the world and has an R&D center in Italy.

Oppein manufactures kitchen cabinets and accessories for the domestic and commercial sectors, using advanced machinery imported from Germany and Italy. The company has five manufacturing facilities, covering an area of over 2.3 million square meters, and utilises Germany HOMAG machines to ensure precision and quality. With its vast product range, Oppein is able to customise virtually every area of the home. The company offers an array of kitchen cabinet styles, materials, and finishes, as well as bespoke solutions for any room.

OPPEIN was founded in 1994 and has grown into one of the top Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the world. Today, they are the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Asia. They offer wholesale China kitchen cabinets in various styles and materials, and are one of the most reputable companies for custom cabinets. With so many options available, OPPEIN is a great place to buy kitchen cabinets from China. This company also offers an array of other products, including bathroom vanities and wardrobes.


As a leader in kitchen cabinet manufacturing and exporting, GoldenHome has more than 1,000 high-end brand monopolized stores around the world, and owns national-level “kitchen industrial design centers” in China, Australia, and the Middle East. Thousands of families enjoy its cabinetry around the world, and it is a listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SX) under the code 603180. The company has expanded its manufacturing bases to more than 300 acres and nearly 300 thousand square meters of manufacturing facilities in China.

A custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer founded in 1999, Xiamen GoldenHome Co., Ltd., has set a new standard for high-end kitchen cabinets in China. The company has been focused on the kitchen cabinet industry for 18 years, and has successfully upgraded the standard for professional kitchen cabinets in China. With nine major professional advantages and a 10 year quality assurance program, GoldenHome has become a preferred kitchen cabinet brand for top 500 Chinese real estate companies five consecutive years. Its products are exported to over 20 countries, and have received high praises in China, Japan, Australia, and the U.S.

The company has manufacturing facilities in the Italian city of Milan, and a research and development center in Xiamen. The company employs data mining and manual technology to produce high-end kitchen cabinetry. It has a specialized R&D center, and uses international industrial manufacturing technology. The company’s kitchen cabinet exporters are proud to boast of their high-end kitchen cabinets, which are made by hand. They use Italian and German-made equipment in the manufacture of each cabinet.


The ZBOM kitchen cabinet company is based in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. This company was established in 1998 and is considered to be a major kitchen cabinet exporter in China. In 2018, the company changed its name to Zbom Home Collection Co. Ltd. This change reflects the company’s strategy to go beyond traditional cabinet manufacturing to include home customization as an integral part of their business. Although the company is mainly focused on domestic sales, they also provide customized solutions to the global market.

To find a suitable supplier, you can visit Alibaba. It is the world’s largest web-based marketplace and has several kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Look for gold suppliers as they have a proven track record. Also, you can choose trade assurance, which allows you to pay the supplier only after you have received your goods. Alternatively, you can go for Assessed Supplier, which is a guarantee from the supplier that their products meet strict quality guidelines.

Apart from its extensive sales network, the ZBOM kitchen cabinet exporter has specialized manufacturing zones. The company has over 691 acres of manufacturing zones in China and more than 400,000 square meters of intelligent semi-automated production lines. Its production lines include German HOMAG automatic intelligent CNC equipment, which provides soup-to-nuts operations. ZBOM’s sales channels in Australia will be expanded after the investment, allowing the company to reach new heights of customer satisfaction.

Boloni Home Decor

As the largest Italian furniture company in China, Boloni Home Decor is a major player in the Chinese market. Based in Beijing, China, the company’s headquarters is the Kebao-Boloni Group. It has subsidiaries throughout Asia and the Middle East. Its products are designed by Italian designers and manufactured by German engineering firms in factories that employ the latest technology. These companies work hand-in-hand to create innovative products that reflect Italian design and craftsmanship.

Whether you need an integrated kitchen or a simple, budget-conscious option, Boloni has you covered. Their prices range from around 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. They are ideal for small apartment homes or smaller homes. They also offer a comprehensive range of cabinetry options, ranging from the most affordable to the most expensive. China Pottery Trading, a subsidiary of Boloni Home Decor, is another company that exports kitchen cabinets.


Oulin kitchen cabinets are known for their superior quality and workmanship. Located in Guangdong, China, the Oulin company started manufacturing and exporting kitchen cabinets in 1994. They are known as the Mercedes of the kitchen industry because of their European style and high-end concepts. As one of the largest manufacturers in China, Oulin specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality kitchen cabinets, sinks, wardrobes, and stainless steel appliances.

In addition to offering high-quality kitchen cabinets, Oulin also specializes in high-end kitchen utensils. The company is committed to original design and prides itself on its advanced automatic production systems. The company exports to Australia, Asia, America, and Africa, and has a factory with 25,000 square meters and advanced processing equipment from Germany and Korea. Its products are sold worldwide and are a great choice for any kitchen.

Oulin is a Chinese-American joint venture company that has offices in Nanjing and Jakarta, Indonesia. Oppein has five factories with an annual production capacity of 360,000 sets. They have a renowned reputation for their integrated kitchen cabinets and whole house customization. The company is known for producing environmentally-friendly kitchen cabinets and focuses on stylish and fashionable cabinet designs. Oulin has an extensive range of kitchen cabinets available in different shapes, colors, and materials.


Rebon is a kitchen cabinet exporter based in China. The company was founded in 2002, and is a member of the DE&E holding group. The company specializes in European-style kitchen cabinets and caters to both high-end and low-end markets. The company has three factories, which employ eight intelligent production lines and use carefully chosen materials. It also employs high-tech equipment to ensure that its products meet the highest standards of quality.