Types of Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Cabinets

A Kitchen Cabinet is a built-in piece of furniture in many kitchens. It serves as a place to store food, cooking appliances, silverware, and dishes for table service. In addition, some kitchen cabinetry even houses appliances, such as a dishwasher. Listed below are some of the different types of Kitchen Cabinets and what they are used for. In addition to storing food, Kitchen Cabinets also serve as a place to store decorative items such as glassware and ornamental items.

Base cabinets are usually six inches tall

There are many different types of base cabinets. While some are narrower than others, all offer a good deal of storage space. Narrower cabinets are perfect for cleaning supplies, pots and pans, and spices, while wider cabinets can house a double sink. Lastly, ultra-wide cabinets may be perfect if you only need a single cabinet set or want to maximize storage space.

The base cabinets are usually 34 1/2 inches high, although their height may vary based on the material used for the countertop. If you want to install a countertop above the base cabinets, you can choose one with a depth of 12 to 15 inches. This height may be a bit shallower than you would like, but it is still well within the range that makes accessing items easier.

The depth of base cabinets is measured from the outer edge to the wall. If your base cabinet is deeper, you’ll have a more difficult time reaching back and accessing the contents. Fortunately, you can adjust the depth by using a custom box frame. You can also choose to increase the depth of your base cabinets by adding decorative molding or a toe kick.

Wall cabinets are taller than base cabinets, but are not as tall as base cabinets. Their width will be different from base cabinets, but the wall cabinet must be able to fit between the countertop and ceiling. In addition to the height, wall cabinets also come in several different heights. Standard heights of wall cabinets are usually 18 inches or 30 inches.

Full height base cabinets are 30 inches

Full height base cabinets have 30 inch doors and are available in a variety of widths. The typical width of a base cabinet is nine inches, while the depth of a base cabinet is usually twenty-four inches. The overhang of the countertop can increase the depth of a base cabinet an additional inch. The standard depth of a base cabinet is 24 inches, but you can also choose to have a shallower unit that is only twelve inches deep. The depth of a base cabinet will also depend on the type of wood and how many shelves are inside it.

Cabinets with shelves and no overhang are generally 30 inches deep. If you want to put an under-mount sink, you can choose a thirty-inch cabinet. Otherwise, you can choose to use a drop-in sink instead. However, the depth of a 30-inch cabinet is not ideal, as the overhang of the countertop can make it difficult to reach outlets.

Full height base cabinets are usually thirty inches tall. You should always make sure to consider the dimensions of the kitchen space before choosing the type of cabinet. If you have a small kitchen, a standard height counter is a good choice. It is not too high and can accommodate taller people. Moreover, you can purchase base cabinets in different sizes.

Face-frame cabinets are made from plywood or high-quality particle board

Face-frame cabinets are made of plywood or high-quality particle board, which is typically made from recycled materials. When properly installed, these cabinets can last for twenty to thirty years. In addition, the cabinet box is made of a high-grade plywood that can be finished with paint. Many fabricators use Columbia Forest Products for this purpose.

Particle board is the less expensive choice for cabinetry. It is a composite material made from compressed wood chips that is bonded together with glue. However, it is not as durable as plywood and can swell if exposed to water. While some manufacturers attempt to seal the edges of particle board, it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of swelling.

When choosing face-frame cabinets, you must consider the cost. Particle board is cheaper, but plywood is superior in most cases. It is also lighter than particle board, so it is an ideal choice for many situations. Ultimately, your choice should depend on your budget and your needs.

When selecting a plywood, you should know that it comes in varying grades. Typically, there are two types of plywood: grade A and grade B. The higher grade is recommended for cabinet exteriors, while the lower grade is better for the interiors and backs.

Shaker style cabinet doors

Shaker style cabinet doors are one of the most popular cabinet door styles available. With their simple, five-piece design and recessed center panel, they are an easy choice for both modern and traditional kitchens. These timeless styles are easy to clean and go well with a variety of hardware. Read on to learn more about the different types of Shaker style cabinet doors.

Shaker cabinets feature cope and stick construction with 1/4″ recessed panels in the center. They also have clean square edges, which give them a sleek, refined look. These cabinet styles are designed by the Shaker community, and their history can be fascinating to learn. For instance, some Shaker cabinetry uses wood from rubberwood, maple, and cherry.

Shaker style cabinet doors are popular for several reasons. Their clean, simple design appeals to the widest range of buyers. They can work with a wide variety of decor and design styles. Shaker style cabinet doors are also adaptable when it comes to hardware. They can be paired with sleek, minimalist hardware, or more ornate pieces.

The classic Shaker style can work well with modern, contemporary, or rustic kitchens. It offers a huge selection of color and stain combinations. Moreover, shaker cabinetry coordinates well with most types of hardware, and you can find many different designs for each cabinet. To get the most out of your shaker kitchen cabinets, you can paint them with a bright, bold color like Benjamin Moore Scuba Green. The hue is very similar to Tiffany blue, which makes it a perfect choice for a modern kitchen.

Raised paneled cabinet doors

Raised paneled cabinet doors in the kitchen have a rich, traditional look. The ornate design of these kitchen cabinet doors is made more dramatic with grooved edges. They also tend to be darker, which means they can barely show dirt accumulation. They can also be customized with molding and rails to add even more style to the space.

Raised paneled cabinet doors are generally more expensive than other types of cabinet doors. They cost more than Shaker, slab, and recessed paneled styles. The cost also depends on how the cabinets are built and the style of the door. For example, a Shaker style cabinet will cost approximately $16 in labor fees. In contrast, a raised paneled cabinet will cost approximately $30.

If you have decided to install raised paneled cabinet doors in your kitchen, you need to decide on the style that fits best with your overall kitchen design. Choosing between raised panel and Shaker cabinet doors is a matter of personal taste, the style of your current kitchen, and the style that you want to achieve.

Raised panel cabinet doors can be 1-piece or five-piece, and they can have mitered edges. They are most often associated with traditional design styles. They are heavier than flat panel doors, and often include decorative mouldings and trim. They can also be stepped, or have a stepped frame.

Raised paneled cabinet fronts

If you want to make your kitchen look traditional, you can choose a raised paneled cabinet front. These styles are often called Shaker style, and are typically constructed from solid hardwood. They lack ornamentation and are characterized by straight lines, squared edges, and moderate proportions. The cabinets can be made from one or several pieces and may be framed or frameless. Raised panel kitchen cabinets may also have semi-overlays, which are also known as overlays.

Raised panel cabinets are available in many different wood species, giving you a great selection to choose from. Many raised panel cabinets are made from the finest solid woods and are finished with different finishes for a truly custom look. You can even choose to have them custom-made for your kitchen if you want to be truly creative and want to make your kitchen unique.

Raised panel cabinet doors come in many different styles and are available in 5-piece or one-piece designs. These doors have the advantage of being more consistent in staining and aging. Besides their beauty and durability, they are also easy to clean and can be found in many different materials. These cabinets are a great choice if you’re looking for a rustic, farmhouse look.

Raised panel cabinets are often a favorite for traditional-style kitchens. While they do tend to be darker and may not show dirt well, they are not limited by their appearance. They are available in a wide range of designs, from simple to elaborate, so you can choose a style that complements your tastes.