Modern Kitchen Designs

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Modern Kitchen Designs

A new trend in modern kitchen designs is to build outwards from the existing kitchen island. This approach allows for the addition of a built-in wine cellar, wine cooler, or other media storage while simultaneously giving the room more usable surface area. For instance, an island in a corner of the kitchen can be transformed into a breakfast nook with a butcher-block counter and kitchen cabinet below it. A breakfast nook can function as a workspace, where you can work on your laptop, or as a place to grill, cook, and serve food. A built-in wine cooler can store your collection of fine wine while serving you wine from an ice bucket. It also has enough room for a small fridge and an oven.

Backsplash. Another feature frequently seen in modern kitchen designs is the backsplash. The backsplash is usually made of tiles or other material that can be decorated but is usually blank and unadorned. In some kitchens, a tile backsplash is embellished with raised patterns and images that coordinate with the rest of the design. The backslash can also act as a “soft” start to a room, allowing you to create an ambiance that will make your cooking seem like a casual day at the park.

Undermount refrigerators. Undermount refrigerators are becoming a more common feature in modern kitchen designs, because they are very easy to clean and maintain. They do not require a lot of cabinet space, which frees up more space for other types of kitchen furniture, equipment, and fixtures. If you have an undermount refrigerator, you may want to consider a built-in cabinet or island to hide the refrigerator and provide more useful countertop space. With contemporary materials and modern design ideas, you will have no problem meeting all of these requirements.

Framed modern kitchen designs. A popular option for modern kitchens is the use of glass, metal, or even wood. Glass and metal are popular choices because they are very modern in style, while providing an elegant and sleek modern look that many homeowners love. Wood and horizontal lines are often viewed as being less “modern” and are more traditional, but when paired with a beautiful countertop and top, glass or metal framed item can really make a statement and add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Flat panel TV stands. Another common element found in modern kitchen designs is the use of flat panel TVs with smooth lines and flat panels that can either be framed, laid out flat or come with a sliding glass panel that allows them to slide out from the wall. These television units are also commonly accompanied by frameless kitchen cabinets of various shapes and sizes.

White washed cabinets. In terms of color, white walls and white floors can provide a classic, country feel to a kitchen, so white cabinets are always a great choice. In addition to the basic white, there are also different hues and shades of beige, ivory, light blue, and other natural colors that can really pull the whole room together. If you are a person who loves vintage styles, then you may want to consider wood cabinets. These come in a variety of stains and finishes and can really add a special touch to any home.