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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Design For Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen cabinets are not what they used to be. They are not just for use in the kitchen anymore. Many homeowners are choosing to add a kitchen island to their new or existing cabinets to free up floor space and make kitchen work more convenient. Kitchen islands can add more counter space, provide extra storage, or both, making your kitchen the place you can be when you need to get work done.

When you think about the typical layout of a kitchen, you probably see two work triangles, a sink, and a cook top. This is the standard layout for most kitchen layouts today. However, there are many ways to customize this layout to better your kitchen design ideas. The shape and spacing of appliances and cabinets can help you achieve your kitchen design ideas. Consider some of the following kitchen cabinet design ideas to help you decide on how to optimize your kitchen space.

There are three basic styles of modern kitchen cabinets. These include: frameless, inset, and framed. Cabinets in traditional kitchens were almost always framed or flush against the wall. They usually featured an antiqued or glazed finish, with open doors and exposed hinges. There were typically ornate moldings on the exposed hinges and surrounding areas.

Wood Veneer Kitchen CabinetFrameless modern cabinets have become extremely popular in recent years. They allow you to showcase the beauty of your appliances and build out counter space. The glass doesn’t block the view of your appliances, but it does keep the rest of your kitchen open and bright. The glass also makes for easier clean up because you do not need to cover or conceal the glass when you want to clean around your appliances. Glass makes these types of modern cabinets popular with apartments because they tend to be small and lack natural light. You can also find many of these types of modern cabinets in homes that have a high ceiling.

Inset modern cabinets are built into the walls of contemporary kitchens. Although these cabinets are built into the wall, you still get the wide open view of your kitchen. If you are choosing this type of modern cabinet, then you may want to choose all glass surfaces or glass on all four surfaces. Glass makes these cabinets popular in home renovations because it can help you create a modern feel in a traditional kitchen. Another reason why these cabinets are becoming so popular is that they are available in a variety of styles including: bold, single stack, corner, sliding, and European.

Many people believe that built-in cabinets are not very modern. However, new technology has made it possible to utilize built-in cabinets with modern kitchen design elements. Built-in kitchen cabinets, when combined with modern appliances and features such as: convection oven, dishwasher, food processor, refrigerator, and computer, can make a huge difference in the way you organize your kitchen.