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Three Style Classic Integral Cabinet Design Creates Extraordinary Kitchen !

modular kitchen design

If you decorate a house, just as add a few kinds of furniture, to meet the basic needs of kitchen and bathroom, it will be far behind. The urban white-collar workers who pursue the quality of life dare to challenge the innovative household products belonging to a small number of people. They are not innovative, but only for the delicate design and warm humanized care that are hard to give up once used. Cabinet design, is the pursuit of avant-garde, subversion of tradition or the pursuit of human design, will always make our ordinary kitchen full of unique charm of surprises.

new kitchen cabinets

Put the creativity into the kitchen, get rid of the cold and strong face of the cupboard, and make our ordinary kitchen full of surprise and unique charm with full intimate details, imperceptible health concept and unimaginable modeling design.

Style a avant-garde modern

Cooking food at home has become a fashion nowadays, and the concept of kitchen life has been constantly subverted. A strong sense of the times and personal style have been greatly sought after. The scientificity and rationality of kitchen design have been gradually deepened, and the traditional kitchen and popular style have been constantly colliding and integrating.

modern kitchen cabinet designs

1. Convenient cabinet with inner groove

The surface adopts the advanced paint baking equipment of the same nationality as Benz and BMW, and the high gloss tunnel paint after 18 processes presents unparalleled bright color and gorgeous texture. Built in infrared control LED light, electric elevator cabinet, touch electric drawer The fashion that melts in the life shines brilliantly.

Highlight: ebony is a rare and precious tree species with compact texture and natural texture. It is selected as the door panel material, which shows both originality and luxury. The ingenious collocation of cream ash and ebony makes the whole gorgeous and elegant. What’s more, there is no handle on the cabinet, only an opening groove, which can open the cabinet easily and make the cabinet more integrated.

2.Arc table

The circular surface design makes the working process of dish washing, cooking and seasoning work in one go, minimizing the distance between the two sides. The arc is full of super beauty.

Highlight: the widest part of the arc table can be placed with a layered rotary seasoning rack. All kinds of seasoning bottles can be placed in place, and there is no need to rummage for preparing food.

3.Cabinet with desk

The morning time is urgent. Busy urban white-collar workers are used to receiving and sending e-mails at the same time of breakfast. It’s better to catch a glimpse of the morning news on TV at the same time, turn over the materials prepared for the meeting of the day, and the well-designed cabinet can take into account the functions of simple desk and computer desk, with natural and smooth modeling and modern fashion.

Highlight: the modern style high bar chair makes simple dining more convenient. It is also suitable for drinking two cups here.

Style B human enjoyment

The kitchen configuration products with a strong sense of design are more comfortable, safe and convenient to meet the dignity and enjoyment advocated by white-collar workers.

kitchen cabinets

4.Built in drawer

How many drawers there will be how many handles, handle too much will increase the burden of cleaning. The built-in drawer solves a lot of troubles of external drawing. When the door panel is opened, the contents are clear at a glance, and the drawer volume is expanded.

Highlight: add delicate dividers, which can accommodate more items, and at the same time, it is easy to take and place.

5.Follow heart faucet

In the allowed space around the basin, the heartbeat faucet will accurately stay at any place you place, making the water outlet and flow to any place you need, and there are two options: direct flow and flower spray flow.

Highlight: the base of the handle and the table are installed together, which is fashionable and easy to clean.

6.Up and down lifting cigarette machine

It can move up and down freely, swing left and right until it is adjusted to the ideal best angle; it can be close to the gas stove and smoke dust at a short distance.

Highlight: thin and slim in shape, with European style beauty.

Style C subverts tradition

The design of the cupboard seems to have been completely finalized in the past ten years. We need to jump out occasionally and choose some unconventional details. This kind of life is full of fun.

7.Stainless steel cabinet

With a strong modern simple design style, the material is the most avant-garde stainless steel, from the cabinet, table top to sink, faucet, shelf are all shiny surfaces, full of thick metropolitan style. Shiny material, wood cutting board and glass water glass reflect each other, showing an extraordinary taste.

Highlight: transfer the functional area of storage to the wall, which is quite economical.

Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

8.Irregular flume

Square and rectangular water tanks are very common. Trapezoid water tanks can not help but make people’s eyes bright. In fact, when cleaning large pots and pans, the practical function of this kind of water tank is highlighted. The design of three water tanks makes separate cleaning possible.

Highlight: the cutting board is set along the edge of the water tank, so that the fruits and vegetables can be cut on site after cleaning, and the working process is more convenient.

9.Suspended cabinet

Super high door panel with black baking paint, classic and fashionable. The design of hanging at the bottom makes the cabinet produce the precise aesthetic feeling like the electric appliance, and it is convenient to clean without leaving the dead angle of sanitation.

Highlight: metal shelf and white long horizontal cabinet are added beside the high cabinet. There are conflicts and harmony in lines and colors.